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Helen Stewart is an artist, writer, teacher and storyteller.

She was raised in Berkeley, California, where she studied and worked at the university. She continued her art studies in San Francisco and New York.

Upon entering this site you will find samples of her work and be able to order Helen’s books and cards.


Helen was fortunate to begin studying art at an early age. She then married and moved to a northern British Columbia sheep farm in 1965 (the subject matter for her first illustrated adult storybook).

Helen is the mother of five children. In 1980 she moved with her family to a large and beautiful home in Victoria. Here she set up her studio and began to create the large garden which is the inspiration for much of her artwork.

Helen is a dedicated printmaker, whose work is exhibited in numerous galleries and private collections.

Christmas Snowflake - H.E. Stewart

Christmas Snowflake

The Porcelain Doll - H.E. Stewart

The Porcelain Doll

The Patched Heart - H.E. Stewart

The Patched Heart

TreeSong - H.E. Stewart


The Little Hill - H.E. Stewart

The Little Hill

Berkeley to the Barnyard - H.E. Stewart

Berkeley to the Barnyard

A Garden's Echo - H.E. Stewart

A Garden's Echo

Creation through Colour - H.E. Stewart

Creation through Colour

Flower and Plant Greeting Card Set - H.E. Stewart

Flower and Plant Greeting Card Set

Allium Greeting Card - H.E. Stewart


Camas Greeting Card - H.E. Stewart


Hands Holding Plant Greeting Card - H.E. Stewart

Hands Holding Plant

Hollyhocks Greeting Card Set - H.E. Stewart


Maple Leaves Greeting Card Set - H.E. Stewart

Maple Leaves

Mountain Meadow Greeting Card Set - H.E. Stewart

Mountain Meadow

Old Fashioned Bouquet Greeting Card - H.E. Stewart

Old Fashioned Bouquet

Peonies Greeting Card Set - H.E. Stewart


Rose and Warbler Greeting Card Set - H.E. Stewart

Rose and Warbler

Spring Bouquet Greeting Card Set - H.E. Stewart

Spring Bouquet






Helen Stewart
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